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U. Janicke and M. Wilkens
Atomic matter wave amplification by optical pumping
Adv. At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 4 (1998) 261-304


    The atom laser (or `Boser') is a device that delivers a beam of atomic de Broglie waves with high coherence and monochromaticity. In this review, we concentrate on an all-optical scheme of an atom laser that is based on optical pumping. The model is first presented in terms of kinetic equations, and its relation to the ordinary laser and the Bose-Einstein condensation is discussed. We then derive a master equation for the quantum statistics dynamics of the atom laser. Neglecting photon reabsorption processes, the master equation is solved and the counting statistics is computed. Finally, the effects of the inelastic reabsorption processes are investigated for the particular case of two atoms. It is shown that the onset of atom-lasing is suppressed in large resonators, but may be achieved in small and/or low-dimensional resonators.

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