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K. Bostroem and T. Felbinger
Deterministic Secure Direct Communication Using Entanglement
Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 (2002) 187902


    A novel secure communication protocol is presented, based on an entangled pair of qubits and allowing asymptotically secure key distribution and quasi-secure direct communication. Since the information is transferred in a deterministic manner, no qubits have to be discarded. The transmission of information is instantaneous, i.e. the information can be decoded during the transmission. The security against arbitrary eavesdropping attacks is provided. In case of eavesdropping attacks with full information gain, the detection rate is 50\% per control transmission. The experimental realization of the protocol is feasible with relatively small effort, which also makes commercial applications conceivable.

[ quant-ph/0209040 ]

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