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J. J. Greffet, R. Carminati, K. Joulain, J. P. Mulet, C. Henkel, S. Mainguy, and Y. Shen
Coherent Spontaneous Emission of Light Due to Surface Waves
Optical Nanotechnologies: The Manipulation of Surface and Local Plasmons, proceedings of ISPS-2001 (International Super-RENS and Plasmon Science & Technology Symposium, Taipei 22-23 october 2001), pp.  163-82, edited by J. Tominaga and D. P. Tsai
(Springer, Heidelberg Berlin New York 2003)


    Surface phonon-polaritons produce peaks in the local density of electromagnetic states close to the interface. We show that the emission of light by thermal sources is strongly affected in the near field. We discuss several effects such as coherence properties in the near field, radiative heat transfer at short distances, design of coherent thermal sources in the near-field and the far field.

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