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A. P. Albus, F. Illuminati, and M. Wilkens
Ground-state properties of trapped Bose-Fermi mixtures: role of exchange-correlation
Phys. Rev. A 67 (2003) 063606


    We introduce density-functional theory for inhomogeneous Bose-Fermi mixtures, derive the associated Kohn-Sham equations, and determine the exchange-correlation energy in local-density approximation. We solve numerically the Kohn-Sham system, and determine the boson and fermion density distributions and the ground-state energy of a trapped, dilute mixture beyond mean-field approximation. The importance of the corrections due to exchange correlation is discussed by a comparison with current experiments; in particular, we investigate the effect of the repulsive potential-energy contribution due to exchange correlation on the stability of the mixture against collapse.

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