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B. Zhang and C. Henkel
Magnetic noise around metallic microstructures
J. Appl. Phys. 102 (2007) 084907


    We compute the local spectrum of the magnetic field near a metallic microstructure at finite temperature. Our main focus is on deviations from a plane-layered geometry for which we review the main properties. Arbitrary geometries are handled with the help of numerical calculations based on surface integral equations. The magnetic noise shows a significant polarization anisotropy above flat wires with finite lateral width, in stark contrast to an infinitely wide wire. Within the limits of a two-dimensional setting, our results provide accurate estimates for loss and dephasing rates in so-called `atom chip traps' based on metallic wires. A simple approximation based on the incoherent summation of local current elements gives qualitative agreement with the numerics, but fails to describe current correlations among neighboring objects.

[ 0706.0686v2 ] [ DOI ]

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