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P. O. Chapuis, S. Volz, C. Henkel, K. Joulain, and J. J. Greffet
Effects of spatial dispersion in near-field radiative heat transfer between parallel metallic surfaces
Phys. Rev. B 77 (2008) 035431


    We study the heat transfer between two parallel metallic semi-infinite media with a gap in the nanometer-scale range. We show that the near-field radiative heat flux saturates at distances smaller than the metal skin depth when using a local dielectric constant and investigate the origin of this effect. The effect of non-local corrections is analysed using the Lindhard-Mermin and Boltzmann-Mermin models. We find that local and non-local models yield the same heat fluxes for gaps larger than 2nm. Finally, we explain the saturation observed in a recent experiment as a manifestation of the skin depth and show that heat is mainly dissipated by eddy currents in metallic bodies.

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