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A. Negretti, C. Henkel, and K. Mølmer
Quantum-limited position measurements of a dark matter-wave soliton
Phys. Rev. A 77 (2008) 043606, selected in Virtual Journal of Quantum Information.


    We show that the position of a dark matter wave soliton can be determined with a precision that scales with the atomic density as n-3/4. This surpasses the standard shot noise detection limit for independent particles, without use of squeezing and entanglement, and it suggests that interactions among particles may present new advantages in high precision metrology. Quantum density fluctuations due to phonon and Goldstone modes depend on the soliton position and we show that they, somewhat unexpectedly, make a larger amount of information available and hence improve the resolution.

[ 0712.1543 ] [ DOI ]

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