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J. R. Zurita-Sánchez and C. Henkel
Wiring up single electron traps to perform quantum gates
New J. Phys. 10 (2008) 083021


    Two electrons in planar Penning traps can be coupled by connecting the trap electrodes with a metallic wire. The wire provides a capacitive and resistive link between the image charges that the electron oscillation (axial motion) is inducing in the electrodes. This can be operated as a quantum network to transfer excitation quanta between the traps and to entangle the two electrons. We give a detailed analysis of this system in the dispersive limit and assess the impact of resistive thermal noise. The latter is found to be remarkably small at temperatures below 4 K in miniaturized planar traps (sizes below 1 mm). The master equation for the two electron system in the presence of resistive noise is solved exactly. We compute fidelities for basic quantum gates needed in quantum information processing.

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