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J. Schiefele and C. Henkel
Casimir energy of a BEC: from moderate interactions to the ideal gas
J. Phys. A 42 (2009) 045401


    Considering the Casimir effect due to phononic excitations of a weakly interacting dilute BEC, we derive a renormalized expression for the zero temperature Casimir energy Ec of a BEC confined to a parallel plate geometry with periodic boundary conditions. Our expression is formally equivalent to a bosonic field at finite temperature, with a nontrivial density of modes that we compute analytically. As a function of the interaction strength, Ec smoothly describes the transition from the weakly interacting Bogoliubov regime to the noninteracting ideal BEC. For the weakly interacting case, Ec reduces to leading order to the Casimir energy due to zero-point fluctuations of massless phonon modes. In the limit of an ideal Bose gas, our result correctly describes the Casimir energy going to zero.

[ 0809.1816 ] [ DOI ]

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