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B. Horovitz and C. Henkel
Surface plasmons at composite surfaces with diffusive charges
Europhys. Lett. 97 (2012) 57010


    Metal surfaces with disorder or with nanostructure modifications are studied, allowing for a localized charge layer (CL) in addition to continuous charges (CC) in the bulk, both charges having a compressional or diffusive non-local response. The notorious problem of &lq;additional boundary conditions&rq; is resolved with the help of a Boltzmann equation that involves the scattering between the two charge types. Depending on the strength of this scattering, the oscillating charges can be dominantly CC or CL; the surface plasmon (SP) resonance acquires then a relatively small linewidth, in agreement with a large set of data. With a few parameters our model describes a large variety of SP dispersions corresponding to observed data.

[ 1109.3763 ] [ DOI ]

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