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G. Pieplow, H. R. Haakh, and C. Henkel
A note on longitudinal fields in the Weyl expansion of the electromagnetic Green tensor
Int. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser. 14 (2012) 460-66, proceedings of conference "Quantum Field Theory under the influence of External boundary conditions" (Benasque, Sep 2011).


    Many calculations of dispersion interactions between atoms and macroscopic bodies or between two bodies make use of Green tensors. The expansion of this tensor in polarizations allows for an anatomic interpretation of the interaction. In planar systems with partial translation invariance, the Weyl representation of the Green tensor is often applied. Although it is transverse in this representation, we argue that the field it describes contains nonradiative parts as well. This can be seen by calculating the Green tensor in the momentum representation and observing certain cancellations among longitudinal and transverse contributions.

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