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P. Ben-Abdallah, R. Messina, S. A. Biehs, M. Tschikin, K. Joulain, and C. Henkel
Heat superdiffusion in plasmonic nanostructure networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 174301


    The heat transport mediated by near-field interactions in a network of plasmonic nanostructures is shown to be analogous to a generalized random walk process. The existence of superdiffusive regimes is demonstrated both in linear ordered chains and in three dimensional random networks by analyzing the asymptotic behavior of the corresponding probability distribution function. We show that the spread of heat in these networks is described by a type of Lévy flight. The presence of such anomalous heat transport regimes in plasmonic networks opens the way to the design of a new generation of composite materials able to transport heat faster than the normal diffusion process in solids.

[ 1306.4784 ] [ DOI ]

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