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D. Rätzel, M. Wilkens, and R. Menzel
Effect of polarization entanglement in photon-photon scattering
Phys. Rev. A 95 (2017) 012101


    received 13 October 2016 - It is found that the differential cross section of photon-photon scattering is a function of the degree of polarization entanglement of the two-photon state. A reduced general expression for the differential cross section of photon-photon scattering is derived by applying simple symmetry arguments. An explicit expression is obtained for the example of photon-photon scattering due to virtual electron-positron pairs in quantum electrodynamics. It is shown how the effect in this explicit example can be explained as an effect of quantum interference and that it fits with the idea of distance-dependent forces.

[ 1605.00582 ] [ DOI ]

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