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C. Henkel, G. Jacob, F. Stopp, F. Schmidt-Kaler, M. Keil, Y. Japha, and R. Folman
Stern-Gerlach splitting of low-energy ion beams
New J. Phys. 21 (2019) 083022


    We present a feasibility study with several magnetic field configurations for creating spin-dependent forces that can split a low-energy ion beam by the Stern-Gerlach effect. To the best of our knowledge, coherent spin-splittings of charged particles have yet to be realised. Our proposal is based on ion source parameters taken from a recent experiment that demonstrated single-ion implantation from a high-brightness ion source combined with a radio-frequency Paul trap. The inhomogeneous magnetic fields can be created by permanently magnetised microstructures or from current-carrying wires with sizes in the micron range, such as those recently used in a successful implementation of the Stern-Gerlach effect with neutral atoms. All relevant forces (Lorentz force and image charges) are taken into account, and measurable splittings are found by analytical and numerical calculations.

[ 1903.04061 ] [ DOI ]

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