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F. Stete, W. Koopman, G. Kewes, C. Henkel, O. Benson, and M. Bargheer
Vacuum Induced Saturation in Plasmonic Nanoparticles
submitted to  Nature Physics (2020)


    Vacuum fluctuations are a fundamental feature of a quantum mode. Despite their unintuitive nature, they are essential for understanding light-matter coupling and cause well-known effects such as spontaneous emission, the Lamb shift or vacuum Rabi splitting. Due to their sub-diffraction mode volumes, plasmonic modes possess extreme intensity fluctuations. Here, we demonstrate that these fluctuations can cause the saturation of an absorber and that this effect occurs already in simple nanoparticle systems at ambient conditions. Indeed, we show that vacuum fluctuations explain the discrepancy between the experimentally observed optical spectra of metal-dye core-shell nanorods and electromagnetic simulations. We moreover provide a criterion to examine the relevance of vacuum induced saturation of absorption for the correct interpretation and simulation of resonant coupling of absorbers to plasmonic modes.

[ 2008.09395 ]

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