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M. Hannemann, G. Wegner, and C. Henkel
No-slip boundary conditions for electron hydrodynamics and the thermal Casimir pressure
Universe 7 (2021) 108
[ 2104.00334 ] [ DOI ]

C. Henkel
Heat transfer and entanglement — non-equilibrium correlation spectra of two quantum oscillators
Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 533 (2021) 2100089
[ 2102.13559 ] [ DOI ]

B. Horovitz and C. Henkel
Spin entanglement via scanning tunnelling microscope current
Phys. Rev. B (Lett.) 104 (2021) L081405
[ 2009.05452 ] [ DOI ]

F. Khastehdel Fumani, S. Nemati, and S. Mahdavifar
Quantum Critical Lines in the Ground State Phase Diagram of Spin-1/2 Frustrated Transverse-Field Ising Chains
Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 533 (2021) 2000384 [ DOI ]

Y. Margalit, O. Dobkowski, Z. Zhou, O. Amit, Y. Japha, S. Moukouri, D. Rohrlich, A. Mazumdar, S. Bose, C. Henkel, and R. Folman
Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer: Towards a test of quantum gravity
Science Adv. 7 (2021) eabg2879, highlighted at phys.org.
[ 2011.10928 ] [ DOI ]

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