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 Research Topics
 Nano Optics and Atom Optics
   Mini Symposium

Deformations in photo-sensitive Materials

Tue 30 May 2017, 09 to 16 h
University of Potsdam, Institute of Physics and Astronomy
Campus Golm, Building 28, Seminar Room 2.066/67

Preliminary Programme

09h15: Matthias Krüger
(MPI Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart)

Arrest and Flow of Hard Sphere Glasses: Theory and some Experiments

10h15: Svetlana Santer
(U Potsdam)

Experiments in Potsdam on photo-sensitive Polymer Films

11h00: Coffee Break

11h30: Thomas Salez
(Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie, Paris)

Glass Transition at Interfaces

12h30: Lunch Break

13h30: Coffee

14h00: Marina Grenzer Saphiannikova
(Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden)

Giant photomechanical Stress from Orientation of Azobenzenes

15h00: Carsten Henkel
(U Potsdam)

Dreams of Navier-Stokes Models for the Dynamics of Film Patterning
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Further Information

  • Thanks to the Organising Team: Marlies Path, Marita Dörrwand, Daniela Höpfner, and UP Transfer
  • We acknowledge support from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Math.-Nat. Fakultät) at University of Potsdam.

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