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 Research Topics
 Nano Optics and Atom Optics


  • Participants: Maria Martin, Marc Herzog, and C. Henkel


We understand 'optomechanics' as the interaction of light with macroscopic, mobile objects like mirrors or cavities. Recently, many experiments have shown that putting a mirror into an optical cavity can lead to cooling of the mirror motion. Our research also aims at understanding the fundamental limits of this cooling scheme.
  • One project is considering a partially transmitting mirror in a ring cavity. The mirror could be a micromechanical oscillator, and it couples to degenerate modes (circulating left and right in the ring cavity). We are studying the force (radiation pressure) on the mirror and its fluctuations.
    (M. Herzog: "Forces on mobile optical elements in a ring cavity") [ link to diploma thesis ]
  • Another project deals with self-sustained oscillations of an optical cavity (a small torus) that are driven by an external laser. We discuss the optical reversal of damping and show that the phase of the stable oscillation can be synchronized (`locked') to the phase of an intensity-modulated laser. Mechanical and laser fluctuations at the shot noise level do not significantly change the synchronization properties.
    (M. Martin: "Synchronization of a coupled optical and mechanical system") [ link to diploma talk ] [ link to diploma thesis in German ]
  • In a previous paper, we have discussed different thermalization schemes for a small scatterer in a cavity. The schemes can be distinguished via the light coming out of the cavity. (Link to the paper.)


  • Peter Domokos
    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

C. Henkel, 29 Apr 2008 

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