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(G Filatow) 1 – the Great Unification ... already in 1936

Quantentheorie schwacher Gravitationsfelder (Quantization of gravitational waves)

M P Bronstein

Phys. Zeitschr. Sowjetunion 9 (1936) 140

= Gen. Relativ. Gravit. 44 (2012) 267

2 – cold gases: a "hidden" symmetry explains the degeneracy in the spectrum

of elementary excitations (normal modes) of an ultracold gas

Breathing modes and hidden symmetry of trapped atoms in two dimensions

L. P. Pitaevskii and A. Rosch

Phys. Rev. A 55 (1997) R853

3 – thermodynamics with "small" systems, emergence of entropy as correlations

(entanglement) between the system and its environment (heat bath) are created,

connection to macroscopic thermodynamics

Entropy production as correlation between system and reservoir

Massimiliano Esposito and Katja Lindenberg and Christian Van den Broeck

New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 013013

(Henrik Seckler) 4 – what is the "correct" entropy? Boltzmann vs. Gibbs (& Hertz)

Consistent thermostatistics forbids negative absolute temperatures

Jörn Dunkel and Stefan Hilbert

Nature Phys. 10 (2013) 67


Ulrich Schneider, Stephan Mandt, Akos Rapp, Simon Braun, Hendrik Weimer, Immanuel Bloch, and Achim Rosch

arXiv:1407.4127  (2014)