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 Wintersemester 2001/02
   Elements of Quantum Optics I
   Evaluation poll: students' feedback

Elements of Quantum Optics I:
Students' feedback
7. Fachsemester / 4th year

(Feedback translated from an anonymous evaluation poll.)

Average grades:
(scores between -3 and +3)
Lectures SS 2001 / Carsten Henkel / Martin Wilkens 
Increase of knowledge +2.3
Difficulty of material +2.5
Quantity of material +2.5
Overall score +2.7
I liked...
  • that there exists an exercise session
  • the broad spectrum of transferred knowledge
  • teacher is always able to answer questions
  • flexible teacher, explains well
  • has always time to answer questions, also outside the classroom
  • large amount of material compressed and clearly presented
  • the courage of the teacher to deliver the lecture in English (excellent training for the students)
  • a large part of standard textbook material covered in two hours per week
  • relation to current research results and methods is visible, in particular in the exercises
  • the themes, the structure, the approach, and the typed notes that were continuously distributed
  • not to have the feeling to annoy even when one asks stupid questions
  • good training of English technical vocabulary
I did not like...
  • exercises too high standard, sometimes in advance of the lecture
  • blackboard writing could be larger (sometimes)
  • sur-human amount of exercises
  • 3 hours lecture and 1 hour exercises would be better
  • weak synchronism between lecture and exercises
  • very hard problem sheets

C. Henkel, 05 February / 23 January 2002.

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